Everything you need to support you in your efforts as a family caregiver

Home care

We acknowledge your special concern for dear ones when they strive to recover from an illness. Here, at Care and Comfort, each

Wound care

Wounds may be much deeper that it seems, only an expert can truly class it and care accordingly. Our private nurses specialize in recognizing

Senior Care

We believe in physical, psychological and emotional well being of our senior clients. When elders stay mentally stimulated and active, they

Retirement Home care

At CareNComfort, we provide personalized nursing and retirement care services as per individual needs. Our retirement care

Alzheimer’s Care

Our caretakers provides professional health care assistance for individuals with Alzheimer’s and similar cognitive impairments to adapt

Post Surgery Care

Post-surgery care or postoperative Care is the medical care or support a person receives after surgical procedure.

Parkinson’s Home Care

Cognitive disabilities experienced by the patient varies per individual- that’s why our experts always provide an extra

Our Mission

We serve the best medical care and support for you or your loved ones at home.
Our caretakers believe in and always work towards complete recovery- physical, psychological and emotional well being. Till then, we care with everything we got for each and every one of our client. We have selected and aligned the most successful health experts, nurses and doctors to assure the best medical care at home.
Every time, our caretakers provide something new or extra along with health solutions and care they offer. This reserves a special place for our services in the heart of each client and their families since our start in 2019.

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