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Our caretakers provides professional health care assistance for individuals with Alzheimer’s and similar cognitive impairments to adapt faster with their challenging and limited lifestyle. To employ a home care expert with profound experience in mental health field is the best you can do to your loved ones in this situation.

Why right care is a must for cognitive impairment?

Cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s is gradual, yet, in most scenarios, the mental condition is detected in the later stages. By that time, the individual would have been showing visible memory-losses and declining cognitive capabilities. Clients often goes through stages of disrupted sleep patterns and may also show behavioral changes like aggression as a response to their declining mental health.
Members at home need to show utmost patience and tolerance for their loved ones in these situations. Though, at certain points, client’s acts, out of frequent confusions arising from their declining cognition leave family members perplexed; at times fearful too.
Appointing a home nurse to take care of your loved ones would be the best thing to do. Their expertise, experience and continuous efforts makes your loved well-adjusted to their declining mental health. Our in-home caretakers monitor, support and train your loved ones with Alzheimer’s to lead a comparatively better life where they would be able to take care of their basic needs by themselves with lesser troubles and little dependence.

What makes our home care the right choice for Alzheimer’s

Most individuals with Alzheimer’s may find it hard to adjust with their new limited lifestyle. For this common case of dementia that acquires its severity over time, a working plan must be formulated by a care expert, so that your dear ones can still carry out daily routine tasks by their own. Our home care nurses would be of great help for your loved ones at any or all stages of the disease – from initial stage where only symptoms are barely felt (Stage 1) to the stage of very severe decline which is terminal (Stage 7).

Our care givers focus on developing easy routines that minimize confusion and maximize predictability for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. This would make their daily life convenient and to assure they never get frustrated over day-to-day tasks, our experts always work hard to maintain a supportive environment inside homes.

CareNComfort provides private duty hospital care for clients going through comprehensive treatment as in-patients. This would add an extra layer of comfort and care during their hospital stays.

To assure full support for our client and family members, our in-home private nurses does the following as part of their Alzheimer’s care services:

  • Encourage family-social interactions
  • Administer medications
  • Helps to manage changing behavioral pattern
  • Educates family members on client’s cognitive capabilities and changes
  • Provide nutritious meals
  • Maintains a passionate and supportive environment at home

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