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Our home caretakers offers support and advice for the best treatment options: assure individuals with this debilitating condition to remain mobile as long as possible.

Muscular dystrophy requires ongoing care as the symptoms are likely to progress with time. Family members often experience difficulties in providing efficient care and support to their loved ones at levels their degrading health condition demands. A professional caretaker would be of great help to avoid family burnouts especially when the individual needs regular treatment, mobility assistance or physical therapies.

The disease intensifies with time weakening muscles of heart and chest causing breathing problems. The patient needs to remain in ventilator at home during such circumstances. A private duty nurse at home becomes essential to provide around-the-clock care and support to avoid respiratory complications.

Our home care services offer:

We provide complete personalized assistance and guidance in all kinds of treatment options. Basic assistance involve support in movement from one room to another, bed turning and continence care.

Our experts assure that the client follow exercises and physiotherapy protocols strictly and regularly as recommended by the doctor. Administer heart medications and others including steroids and ACE inhibitors as per the treatment plan.

Surgery may be needed in the treatment process to correct spinal curvature. Our team provide post-surgery care, so that the client can still remain at home during the recovery phase. Home nurse administers medications, checks for infection around the surgical area and monitors necessary life functions.

Our home caretakers’s profound medical exposure helps to figure out the possible complications that could arise as the patient moves to further stages of the illness. Based on this, we devise personalized plans to maximise the health and function of our clients in the days to come.

We provide ventilator care at home anytime to tackle the impending chance of respiratory difficulties. By total personalized care, we mean comprehensive emotional and social support for the client along with physical assistance. Our home caretaker would always be available to listen to your loved ones concerns and address them accordingly. Not just that, our care experts educate family members of the various stages of their dear one’s illness and what best can be done for them to cope up.

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