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Sometimes a person recovering from a serious illness or struggling against a medical condition require supervised care at home. A set of specially trained doctors, nurses and other health experts assemble in home for the patient to replicate hospital care. Equipments and workforce in home will monitor improvements and assure comfort of the individual who needs special attention. Technically, this is palliative care at home. In a more humanistic approach, this special kind of care is about hope, installing confidence and relief in patients to cope up with their challenging health condition.
Core of this care focus on relief from symptoms of serious illnesses and settle with the mental stress that comes along. Though palliative care rhymes with senior care, age of the patient remain as a mere number to this type of supervised care. If the illness is serious or terminal, or if it is regarding a persisting health condition to which a patient has to accustom to in the days to come, palliative care takers are needed.
Palliative care takes different names as illnesses vary like cancer care, neurological care and many more. Collectively, the care is for serious ailments and medical conditions where chances of recovery are little. At these hard times, our professional care takers works to take stress away first, and then aligns the patient to productively live with an improved quality of daily life.
Our medical means and health care methods promises more than just mere survival or keeping the pulse alive on screen; it’s about bringing the individual back to active social life. When an individual reach positive terms with challenging health conditions, he or she resumes their normal personal life with family, community and culture.

Cancer care at home

Cancer is the most heard about as well as common challenging medical condition in our neighbourhood. The word often evokes speculations and fears in patients and their families constantly, even months and years after completion of treatment. Once the intensive care at hospital is done, the recovering individual may have to deal with some symptoms and side effects. Having a professional cancer care giver at home on initial days after discharge can be of great help for them.
In most cases, if the patient has to continue with similar intensive care as in treatment period at home too, doctors recommend palliative care. Otherwise, if the patient faces or expresses continuous difficulties in the recovery phase, it is better to seek service of a home-care expert.
Our highly trained nurses, doctors offer these services during oncology/cancer care at home:
Chemotherapy & Chemo port flush
PICC line dressing
Blood transfusions
Adjuvant therapy administration
Parenteral nutrition
Neutropenic care
Electrolyte/antibiotic infusion
Pain and symptom management
Nutrition and diet management
Counselling for patient and family members
In-home care avoids risks of infections that spread from hospital environment. Performing chemotherapy and regular follow up at home saves time spend on hospital visits, it saves double time actually- the patient’s and the caregiver’s who comes to assist.

Neurological care at home

Our specialized health experts or private nurses provide in-home care for a wide range of neurological conditions- both, acquired and hereditary. Professional neurological care at home is most recommended if the health condition is caused out of emergencies like head injury, stroke or cancer of the brain or spine.
Our neurological care services, to which our private nurses are central, have made lives of individuals with congenital brain conditions better and more meaningful. Similarly, for neurodegenerative conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neuron Disease that often affects the elderly, our palliative care services are proven to be helping the most. We understand each client as a unique individual and their symptoms and risks of neurological condition are mostly personal. Each individual responds and improve differently to abnormalities in their brain. So, we provide the most experienced professional care takers from our team to care for each of our client. Our nurses improvise; they act on time to make the patient feel confident, lively, and more active.


Orthopedic care at home

Period after an orthopedic accident or surgery is complicated, hence rest is a must!

There could be restrictions for movement and sometimes after certain orthopaedic procedures that involves knees or ankles, even standing straight or navigating from one room to another becomes a challenge or seems impossible without the help of another self.

A patient needs physical support as well as psychological support in these crucial periods of recovery. Another undetermined visit to hospital due to negligence or lack of rest might not be a pleasant venture, especially if the patient needs to be carried.

By orthopaedic care at home, we mean complete recovery after orthopaedic operation- it accounts for both physical and emotional. Having a professional care taker at home to administer medications on time and to assist the patient with their daily personal care reduce risks to greater extend, at the same time assure a speeder recovery.

Sometimes, when patient engage in their own activities during post-surgery period, they carelessly moves that might cause a movement or negative impact surgical area. With a private nurse around, a patient has no reason to stress out or move for getting things. Our experienced nurses understand the needs of patients and accordingly customize orthopaedic care.
In some cases, doctors recommend physiotherapy at home to sooth recovery; call us for connecting with the most suitable physiotherapist for your patient.

When does a person need orthopaedic care at home?
After an orthopaedic surgery, a person needs specialized care at home. For these orthopaedic procedures listed below, this type of care is most recommended:

  • For operations at joints- hip, knee or shoulder replacements
  • If a person suffered multiple fractures, injuries
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bursitis, Sciatica or Ankylosing Spondylitis

Apart from these, a patient can take professional help after any kind of orthopedic procedures.

What our orthopaedic nurses and physiotherapists do?

We offer seven-days-a-week service as well as part time like 12 to 24 hours or lesser hours depending on patient’s need and convenience. Also, visits can be scheduled on a regular basis to monitor progress weekly, fortnight or monthly.
Our orthopaedic care services cover:

  • Pain management and complete assist in daily personal care
  • Wound care management to avoid infection
  • Physiotherapy to regain strength and motion of muscles
  • Medical equipments
  • Nutritional Counselling
Orthopedic care at home

Having a private nurse at home to take care of cardiac patient is a relief for family members. After cardiac procedure, the recovery period is crucial, sufficient rest and medications-on-time is a must for every patient. A professional care taker at home ensures safer recovery of heart by avoiding possibilities for a re-admission to hospital.
Living with conditions like congestive heart failure or high blood pressure demands crucial lifestyle changes. Patients do have a million questions and much more number of concerns, and worries during this transition period. In this time, having a private nurse at home for personalized care is the best solution. Our certified nurses addresses all the concerns and keep patients calm plus motivated.
Our cardiac care experts monitor day-to-day improvement of the patient; answer concerns of personal care and avoids risks of emergency.

If your heart or your loved ones heart have suffered these conditions, our cardiac experts can help:

  • Heart failure (HF)
  • Hypertension
  • Angina pectoris
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Tachycardia/Atrial fib
  • CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft)
  • Angioplasty and stent placement
  • Acute myocardial infarction (MI or AMI)
  • Ischemic heart disease

May it be a minor or major cardiac procedure, if the patient feels the need for assistance, seek our professional help anytime without a second thought.

What our in-home cardio care services offer?
Heart patients experience a wide range of emotions, mostly fear of life and concerns over recovery. They as well as their family members need constant updates on how well the heart is improving. Taking this aspects to priority, our experienced private nurses provide 24/7 cardiac care or regular home visits as per the convenience of patient.
Our Cardiac care services cover:

  • Avoidance of un-wanted hospital visit for critical care
  • Provides self-management techniques for adjusting with permanent heart conditions
  • Improves quality of life through psychological counselling- senior patients need it the most
  • Self care assistance, monitoring cardiac improvements closely at home with necessary equipments
  • Monitoring blood pressure and other heart parameters on weekly, monthly basis through regular visits at home.

We provide all type of palliative care services. CareNComfort’s team of health experts stay committed till our patient recovers completely, or becomes happily adjusted with his or her medical condition.

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