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Get instant Post-surgery care from our private nurses and assure smooth, complete recovery at home!

Post-surgery care or postoperative care is the medical care or support a person receives after surgical procedure.
Post operative care at home begins from the point you or your loved ones get discharged from hospital. Kind and duration of postoperative care depends on the complexity of the surgical procedure patient had gone through.
In most cases, doctors give clear instructions on post surgery care to caretakers at home. But yet, families may not be able to support their loved ones to limits their challenging health condition demands. Here at this point, recovering individual needs professional post surgery care and that’s what we serve.

Risks/complications that post-surgery care tackles or avoids

Infection at surgery area
Infections develop on the skin around surgical wound where the incision was made. But in certain cases infection occurs below the incision area in muscles and surrounding tissues (Deep Incisional SSI). In some extreme cases infection occurs in organs or between organs that was involved in the surgical procedure, and is termed as Organ or space SSI.
Germs are responsible for infections after surgery. Having a private nurse at home to sanitize surgical wound at regular intervals keeps microbes and infections out of the picture.

Blood clots
Deep Vein thrombosis is blood clot that occurs in veins of arms, legs or anywhere in the body and makes post-operative care complicated. Pain is the main symptom; other signs are swelling, tenderness, and skin redness in a leg, arm, or other area. A private duty nurse can identify these symptoms much earlier and take necessary actions accordingly. Supervised physical activities or exercises can increase blood flow throughout the body and minimize possibilities for clots. But such exercises must be carried out as per instructions of professional health care experts.
Sometimes, clots in veins find its way to lungs, and then the medical condition becomes pulmonary embolism, which is critical and requires intensive care.

Bleeding from surgical incision
After surgery, it is common to have small bleeding from the incision. But if it bleeds excessively, it signals a complication. It can be caused by an injury suffered by a blood vessel in surgical area or due to the use of medicines like aspirin or anticoagulants.
A health care expert to monitor and dress the surgical wound frequently can reduce complications of bleeding or rather prevent it.

Is post-surgical care required for you at home?

In most cases, doctor at the time of discharge recommend a professional post-surgery care giver if it compulsory. Here we list some scenarios where a health expert is recommended:

  • If the patient require physiotherapy at home
  • When the time of recovery extends from weeks to months like in spinal cords surgical procedures or after open heart surgery
  • If the patient has to wear an arm device, internal catheters, chest tubes or breathing tube after Tracheotomy
  • If doctor warns about chances of complications or side effects
  • If the patient has past history of a challenging health condition, or obesity or suffers a heart condition


Our post-operative care offers

Our certified as well as experienced private nurses assure comfort of the patient. Our caregiver puts convenience of the patient at first, that how we effectively care.

  • On-time dressing changes to avoid infections and bleeding
  • Providing pain medications
  • In cases of Deep Vein Thrombosis, our nurses administer blood thinner to dissolve clots. Also, does ankle and foot exercises to enhance blood flow in legs and reduce risk of clots
  • For infection cases, our nurses closely monitor the surgical wound and report if swelling, fever or redness is persisting in the wound.
  • For conditions like pneumonia, post surgery care involves a respiratory therapist who can supervise breathing exercises for the patient
  • For stiffness of joints that happens after a bone surgery, we provide both nurse and physiotherapist to supervise post operative exercises

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