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Our retirement home care services assure around-the-clock quality health care and attention for your seniors

At CareNComfort, we provide personalized nursing and retirement care services as per individual needs. Our retirement care givers specialize in complete health- care assistance for senior adults in their day-to-day activities.

Our expert medical team strives to ensure the physical, psychological and emotional well being of senior adults and that is how we make the retirement life of our clients well balanced in all prospects.

Nursing home care services address daily routine needs like brushing, bathing, exercising and along with it, our team guides senior adults for outings and actively involves them in various kinds of their community-related group activities. This makes them feel socially connected; hastens adaptation and facilitates a fulfilling retirement life.

Our expert care givers stays beside and are always alert to administer medical care to your loved ones on time. They are always available to listen to their personal plus medical needs and will address them accordingly.

Our Retirement Home Care Nurses Offer -

Personal care/support: Assistance in Activities of daily living (ADLs) – bathing and showering, personal hygiene and grooming (includes brushing/combing hair) and functional mobility (assistance in moving in and out from bed, and moving from one place to another for daily activities)

Meal set-up, preparation and feeding assistance

Checks food expiration – Assure that foods clients have are healthy and are appropriate to the medical conditions if any

Medical Assistance and administration– Provides constant reminders for hospital visits,check-ups, drug administration and assistance in ambulance

Escort Services– Accompanying plus guiding client during their formal visits, grocery shops visits and other kinds of outside appointments as per requirement

Assures client’s social interaction– Support clients to get involved in group activities and recreational activities

Daily exercises and leisure walking – Remind and support clients to perform daily exercises ( as per doctor or nutritionist recommendation ) ; Assist clients during leisure walks

Our home care experts also provides foot care, help out clients with reading, writing letters, drafting-emails and related documents, and a lot more of personalized services as per your requirements.

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