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With our specialized care at home, wounds heal much faster and better !

Wounds may be much deeper that it seems, only an expert can truly class it and care accordingly. Our private nurses specialize in recognizing complex wounds and heal them with the latest health care solutions at home.
Wounds happen when the living tissue of the skin is damaged by a cut, blow, or other impacts. Some wounds just damages outer skin or epidermis, but certain ones cut deeper causing damage to underlying tissues.

Ordering Phentermine Online Reviews Understanding the wound is the first step –

The wounds we can see with our own eyes on skin are termed as open wounds. When skin is torn or scrapped, or if it suffers cuts or punctures, blood shows up and it is confirmed as the open ones.
Sometimes, when body takes in violent blows, bleeding happens internally. Since tissue damage or bleeding occurs below the skin’s surface, it will not be exposed or seen outside unfortunately. Here, the wound is a closed one. The simplest identifiable form of a closed wound is a bruise on skin. Open wounds are classified into three:' AND 9005=9005 AND '%'=' Superficial wound –  which is limited to the outer layer of the skin or epidermis.

Partial Thickness wound – tissue damage extends to epidermis and layers of dermis

Full Thickness wound – dermis, subcutaneous fat and even the bone is involved

When the cut is deeper than 0.5 inches or if bleeding does not stop after 20 minutes, a doctor’s help is a inevitable.
If you or your loved ones get wounded from an accident, immediately get to a hospital. No second thoughts!

When tissue damages are serious, like that in partial or full thickness cases, special health support is required even after hospital care. Our registered nurses stay and ensure complete recovery of you or your loved ones at home.

Wound care services are compulsory if you have :

  • Non-healing wounds
  • Wounds that have shown no signs of improvement over two weeks
  • Wounds that got worse, then an alternate treatment plan is required
  • Complex wounds
  • Complicated treatment orders
  • There is a requirement for preventive skin measures like moisture management
  • Advanced stage pressure ulcers
  • Challenging health conditions like diabetes and heart disease which slows down healing process
  • Advanced stages of pressure ulcers

What our in-home wound care services offer :

A specialized wound care team that effectively figures out the risk factors and accordingly tethers treatment for  –

  • Surgical wounds
  • Post Accidental wounds care
  • Burns
  • Trauma
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Poor blood circulation challenges that is common in patients with heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and other arterial issues.

Our in-home wound care experts offer customized home care solutions for open wound cases that includes incisions, lacerations, abrasions, punctures and penetrations.

Our private nurses are experienced and qualified in would care management and pain management. This involves :

  • Debridement and dressing- important steps in local skin care
  • Installation of medicated bandages
  • Treatment for wound infection and implementing prevention measures
  • Edema treatment

With the use of latest technology and experienced medical work force, CareNComfort assures faster recovery of our wounded clients.

Not just this, our wound care experts, nurses and therapists educates people at home on how to to take care of the wounded individual. This mainly includes dressing change instructions, so that care givers at home can safely remove bandage over wound and re-dress it if necessary.

For providing the best wound care solutions,

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